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SunRay Consultation: $30
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THE personal relationship coach & authenticity consultant for the spiritual woman, Coach Cari is a lifelong Christian and also a QSCA certified Law Of Attraction personal life coach who truly and deeply understands the inner struggles of the single, independent woman. Cari was 47 years old when she attracted her ideal partner after nearly 3 decades of disastrous dating, abusive relationships and all the sad, desperate stories of frustration that go along with being the lonely single girl who knows everybody but nobody cared enough to really get to know …she lived it all!  Living in a shallow transient big city with friendships and relationships based on shared interests instead of shared values, Cari was starving for deep connection with people.

Want to know how she got out of it and completely turned her life around?

“I swallowed my pride, stuffed my ego, accepted that it was okay to not have all the answers, and I asked for help. First I hired a coach. Then, after I gained some clarity, I studied with an array of various coaches for several years. I didn’t have to change myself at all, I just had to get real with myself, speak my authentic truth and widen my narrow perspective.”
Now, Coach Cari wants to extend compassion to you so you can transform your life in the same way she did…only a lot quicker!

 Decide and declare that you are ready to do whatever it takes.
(It will be fun, I promise!)

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Cari Woodward, Sunflower Life Coaching

Client Testimonies:

“When I started coaching with Cari, I was a mess. I was in the middle of a separation and dealing with my daughter who is special needs. I felt lost and alone. Cari taught me a lot of different techniques to combat the sadness. She held my hand through the phone, as I learned how to love myself. Her advice has been invaluable in life and I still to this day look at my journal notes when I need her advice. Anyone that gets to work with Cari is beyond lucky.” –DD

“Cari is a true professional in everything she does. Without her help, teaching me how to do things or look at things differently, I would never have been able to keep going. She has been my lifesaver! She took all that burden off me that I had been carrying for so long. Everything she has helped me with has been a pure success. She saved my nails, my sanity and my life! She truly cares and understands with no judgement and being around her always brings a sense of peace.” –CP

“Cari was my Life Coach for about a year and she really helped me through many things and was caring and compassionate. She also can be very empathetic so she understands and gets what I was going through and helped me work through a lot of my fears and anxiety. I really appreciate what she did for me.” –LB