How Can I Serve You?

Attract Your Perfect Partner

Do you have success everywhere in life except for love? Tired of meeting nothing but losers online? If you are a motivated, open-minded spiritual single woman who is tired of doing everything alone and is ready to share your life with the right partner, my proven Perfect Partner Attraction method is a fun 5-month personal coaching package that will encourage and empower you by helping you find the clarity and confidence you need to make the right choices and feel good about men and romantic love again. My proven step-by-step method requires commitment and dedication, just like the love relationship you desire!  When you stop looking for the right person and start being the right person, that’s when you’ll find real love!
My signature service includes 17 private one-on-one coaching sessions/lessons with me and a fun 27-day micro journalling project for only $777!  Free consultation.
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Consulting for Beauty Industry Professionals

Need to raise prices? Build clientele? Fire a client? Transition from commission to booth rental? Learn how to plan quarterly income tax payments? This is my forte! With nearly three decades experience as a professional in the beauty industry, I can assist you affordably. Free consultation.
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img_0775-1Lifestyle Consulting

Overwhelmed? Feeling stuck or unappreciated? Do you keep repeating the same old patterns over and over again? Are you trying different things but still getting the same results? I have the tools to help you get off the hamster wheel so you can find passion for life again.
Free consultation.
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Spiritual Guidance

Is meditating “too hard?” Couldn’t get “The Secret” to work for you? Not sure how to pray effectively? As a lifetime devoted Christian, I have discovered that all Law Of Attraction principles are Bible-based. I hold the keys that will help you unlock the power of the spiritual world with respect to your personal belief system. Let me guide you. Free consultation.
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