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Welcome! I’m so happy you found me!! It’s not a coincidence that you were lead here. That’s what attraction is all about. Here’s my story and why I’m passionate about helping single women…

Since my very first job at a barber shop at age 16, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life as a beauty industry professional. I always excelled and exceeded expectations in my chosen field and even went on to become an educator for the #1 nail product company in the world. I was admired and appreciated by my clients and industry colleagues for my wisdom, skills, talent, professionalism and integrity. In this world, all my validation came from my performance and my over-achieving perfectionism.


Meanwhile, after hours, I was a rock n roll sweetheart, enthusiast, hanger-on, devotee & muse. In that world, all my validation came from who I was with rather than who I was. I lived a VIP lifestyle, a total cliché of tour buses, guest lists, backstage mingling, drinks and hotel rooms I didn’t have to pay for. I thought this was proof that I was important and special. All my “friends” were rock stars and crew. In blind delusion, I believed that one of these wild girl-in-every-port rock-n-roll guys would eventually settle down and marry me someday.

On the outside, my life looked exciting and fun, but on the inside there was so much darkness. I was exhausted and lonely. All I ever really wanted was to love and be loved. I had so much to give that nobody wanted. After the fun stopped, I began to feel worthless, like used goods. How is it possible I could be so successful in one facet of my life and such a failure in the other? The truth is, I wasn’t a failure at all! Yet I lived in a constant state of disappointment because I didn’t know how to get what I really wanted. When I finally reached the point where I could not take one more disappointment, I cleaned up my act, called myself out on my own BS and “got right with God.” I signed up for all the dating sites and hung out in churches because, isn’t that what “normal” single women do?

I hope you don’t think that’s the end of the story.

It was from that point I proceeded to endure the loneliest, emptiest, most boring years of my entire life…and love still eluded me. “What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me?” I would ask over and over to anyone who would listen. None of the men I was meeting seemed right for me (“too picky” my friends said) and the guys I liked the most treated me the worst. In 2013, I reached my all time low and sought help from several top-level love & dating experts and coaches. I dedicated every spare moment, morning, noon & night for many years, tapping into my spirituality and learning about the delicate balance of masculine/feminine energies and becoming fiercely authentically ME.

I found serenity! I felt like I had been given the keys to the kingdom! Sharing this knowledge with my nail clients and friends wasn’t enough. I felt a duty and a calling to share this with the world! I went “all in” and became a Certified LOA Coach through Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Through the QSCA, I now have a deep understanding of the Law of Attraction and other important Universal laws that I use to help my clients with literally any trouble they may be having. As for me, I was finally able to break the chains off my 30-year long hamster wheel of loneliness and attract my dream partner, at age 47! All the things I had been learning for years at the feet of these leading love coaches finally clicked one day, half-way through my studies at the QSCA and in a place where I would least expect it…sitting there waiting for me to find him was my perfect match, my one true love that I had worked so hard to prepare myself for. So, yes, it was LIFE COACHING that pulled me out of that miserable stagnancy and through which I found my true self worth and received the greatest gift of all…LOVE!

I want to show you exactly how I did it so you can get the same results in your life, no matter what you’ve been through. It is my passion and my life’s mission to prevent other women from the desperate, helpless feelings that I lived with for so long. Stop asking your friends what’s wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just need a little broader perspective and some trained guidance. Take my hand, you’re not alone anymore. If you’re always waiting for “when,” you will never get there. If you’re waiting for “when” you lose a few pounds or “when” you make more money or “when” your child grows up, you are missing out on the joy that you deserve now. Overweight people deserve love. Broke people deserve love. Single parents deserve love.

You deserve love!
You don’t have to be “perfect” to attract the love that is perfect for YOU.

Let your journey begin with me.
“Two people are better than one because they can help each other succeed.”
Ecclesiastes 4:9

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Living the good life                                            …and you can be too!

Cari Woodward, Sunflower Life Coaching