As A Man Thinketh…


Did you know that sunflowers turn their faces to follow the sun as it moves through the sky each day? This small fact is part of why I named my blog “be a sunflower…” It is the key to living a good life. Each of us views the world through the lens of our personal experiences. We have thoughts about our experiences and decide to judge them as either “bad” or “good”. Our opinion, or judgment, then causes us to either feel good or feel bad and how we feel is what creates our reality. If you don’t like how you feel, choose a different thought!! It really is that simple!!

Of course, sometimes it’s appropriate to feel bad but we don’t have to set up our camp and live there wallowing in it forever, being bitter and resentful just because something we perceive as bad has happened. We must acknowledge it and move through it and keep going! It is important to feel all of our emotions but we need to feel through them and experience them fully so they can dissipate naturally. Tears are the best lubrication for moving emotions through your system. I call them, God’s emotional anesthesia. The quicker we can recover from the things that we choose to feel bad about, the less often we will experience things that make us feel bad. It’s true! We attract what we are and if we are always feeling bad then we are always going to attract more things that make us feel bad. That is called the “observation cycle.”

Did you know that just because someone does something terrible to you or something bad happens to you, that person or problem doesn’t “make” you feel bad? It is your choice to feel bad in response to your experience. You CAN simply choose to not allow people or circumstances to control how you feel. Be defiant about it. Be offend-proof! In reality, you are the only one who has control over how you feel. It’s time to own it and take your power back from all the people and circumstances that you have freely given it away to.

You can choose which lens you view the world through. Here’s the magic question to always ask yourself: When something goes wrong, ask yourself what’s right about the situation. Then make yourself find something right, good or positive about it. Choose to always keep your face in the sun no matter what. 🌻

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